New Live Album Out….Today!


Today we’re releasing a live album recorded at Lincoln Hall in Chicago last spring. It’s seventeen songs- from Nation of Heat, In the Meantime, and Messenger- played with the band to our hometown crowd. Our live show has defined us for the last three years. If you subscribe to these emails, there’s a good chance you’ve caught one yourself. So we had the whole night properly mixed and mastered, and we’re offering it up at our website for only for 5 bucks.

In a few months we’ll release our next studio album, The Great Despiser. There are plenty of new songs to come, plenty of new shows to be played, and a whole new chapter that we look forward to in its due time. But it’s been quite a wait since the last album, so here is Live at Lincoln Hall. It’s what I consider to be a proper document of our last three years. Damn it’s been fun.

Yrs in music,


Buy Joe Pug–Live at Lincoln Hall from directly from us for $5 here
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Track Listing:

1. Nobody’s Man
2. Lock the Door Christina
3. I Do My Father’s Drugs
4. Messenger
5. In The Meantime
6. Unsophisticated Heart
7. How Good You Are
8. The Door Was Always Open
9. Disguised As Someone Else
10. Hymn #101
11. Deep Dark Wells
12. Hymn #35
13. Call It What You Will
14. Nation of Heat
15. Speak Plainly Diana
16. Leave Ruin (Strand of Oaks)
17. Dodging The Wind