Joe Pug News–Spring Tour Edition

Hey guys,

Well, call it a labor of love… I have agreed to leave the temperate Austin quasi-winter to plunge directly into icy heart of the American northeast. The band and I will be spending the month of February on the road, getting as far north as Toronto. We’ve even convinced fellow Austinite David Ramirez to jump in the van with us and open the shows (though as a life-long Texan he remains skeptical about our timing and cardinal direction). Fortunately, we’re grizzled enough to now know to bring our own space heaters for the dressing rooms on a winter tour. This isn’t our first dead-of-winter rodeo!

Below, as usual, you’ll find some news, links to some things I’ve been enjoying lately, and the full set of tour dates. Whether it would be your first time seeing us live or your eleventh, we would love to see you (again). Thanks as always for your support.



Style” by Charles Bukowski: Before hearing this poem, I didn’t think I was a fan of Bukowski. I had tried reading some of his work when I was younger and just didn’t click with it. That’s the way it goes sometimes with authors… as a reader you have to be in the right place personally before you can receive their message. Our bass player, Matt, read us this poem right before we took stage in Newport KY last November. And with that, Bukowski’s voice finally began to speak to me.

Narcissus and Goldmund” by Herman Hesse: I always feel uncomfortable when I have the urge to recommend a work of art that’s considered a classic. After all, if Western Culture (that’s right, with a capital W.C.) has deemed a novel essential, then who the hell am I to sit back and say, “Hey guys check this out, it’s pretty good.” The fact of the matter is, you’ve probably read this book already. I’m pretty late to the party. But last month, I stumbled upon this work of Hesse’s in my local bookstore, bought it, and had finished it within a few days. If the only Hesse you have read is “Siddhartha”, I’d heartily recommend this work of his as well. Some readers consider it the high-water mark of his creative output.

Father John Misty on WTF Podcast: This is an engrossing conversation with one of my favorite songwriters. It brought a smile to my face to learn that he’s from Rockville MD. If only he was from P.G. county, then he would truly have cred. Oh well, he only missed it by a couple of miles.


Going way back on this one….this month’s edition is a recording of a show we did at Austin’s legendary Cactus Cafe in 2010. This was on the tail end of our very first headlining tour. Check it out HERE.


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