The Door Was Always Open


After all the windows on the ground floor had been broken
After all the undemanding officers had spoken
After all the trouble, after all of the commotion
I walked right through
The door was always open

When I was seventeen I set out on the ocean
Searching for Columbus or wherever he was going
Then twenty thousand miles came down to just a moment
I sailed right through
The door was always open

I climbed the western wall without anybody knowing
I held the guardsman captive with a pistol I had stolen
But he just poured a cup of coffee and said Son, now here’s a notion
The next time you drop by
The door was always open

I waited for the sun
But it was already dawn, it was already dawn
Breaking fast all along
And I waited for her song
But she was already gone, she was already gone
Breaking fast all along

So it seems I’ve spent a lifetime arrested and beholden
Standing on the threshold, absolutely frozen
Waiting on some god above to tell me I was chosen
Instead I spoke myself
The door was always open

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