In The Meantime


I’ve been saving every nickel
And half of every dime
I’ve been washing all the blankets
God knows that I’m trying
I fixed the gate
We will find each other so they say.
In the meantime I’m lonesome while I wait

I’ve been lying to my family
Of who I’m thinking ’bout
I had another woman
Somehow she found out
She always knew
We’ll be honest with each other me and you
In the meantime I’ll break a heart or two

Now I’ve been selling saws and hammers
For half of what they’re worth
I’m dreaming for a living
I’ve got no time for work
It’s getting hard
One day we will never be apart
In the meantime I’m wondering where you are

Now I’m burning sheets of plywood
I pried up off the floor
The house is out of lumber
At least for now I’m warm
For now I’m warm
We’ll be warm beneath a Carolina moon
In the meantime I should find another room

Now I’m drinking from the faucet
I’m lucky when I sleep
I’m sleeping in the closet
I’m scared of the police
What should I do
One day you will be my reason to
In the meantime, I’ll just be passing through

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