Hymn #35

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HYMN #35

I am the day
I am the dawn
I am the darkness coming on
And I am once I am twice
I am the whole
I’m just a slice
Some call me gone
Some call me here
None are wrong
None are near
I am right now
I am back then
I will return
Don’t ask me when

I am the disappointed kiss
I am the unexpected harvest
I am the old Kentucky home
I am the son who runs the farthest
I have done wrong
I will do wrong
There’s nothing wrong
With doing wrong
And I am faith
I am belief
Except for when I’m not
I am the teeth of champions
I am rust and water rot

I am sleep
I am breathing
I’m the missing of
The passing seasons
I am the brush
I am the strokes
I’m sickness come
To the best of folks
I am renewed
I am just made
I am unchanging
I’m a pasture fenced about the edge
I am Dakota thunder raging
And by my shoes
And by my feet
And by my soul and wonder
I am the tracks we’ve laid above
I am the tunnel running under

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