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Joe_Pug_Windfall_Cover_332Bright Beginnings
Veteran Fighter
Stay And Dance
The Measure
Great Hosannas
Burn and Shine
O My Chesapeake
Pair of Shadows
If Still It Can’t Be Found


The Great Despiser–2012

The_Great_Despiser_Cover_332Hymn #76
Those Thankless Years
The Great Despiser
A Gentle Few
Silver Harps and Violins
Stronger Than The World
One of Many
Neither Do I Need A Witness
Deep Dark Wells



How Good You Are
Not So Sure
The Sharpest Crown
The Door Was Always Open
The First Time I Saw You
Unsophisticated Heart
Disguised As Someone Else
Bury Me Far (From My Uniform)
Speak Plainly, Diana


In The Meantime 2009

In The Meantime Cover Art_332Dodging The Wind
In The Meantime
Lock The Door Christina
A Thousand Men
Black Eyed Susan


Nation of Heat EP–2009

Nation of Heat Cover_332Hymn #101
Call It What you Will
Nobody’s Man
Hymn #35
I Do My Father’s Drugs
Speak Plainly Diana
Nation of Heat