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The Flood in Color–2019

The Flood in Color
The Letdown
Long Midnight
Blues Came Down
Moonlight of Your Room
Here Again
After Curfew
The Stranger I’ve Been
Empty Hands and Broad Shoulders



Joe_Pug_Windfall_Cover_332Bright Beginnings
Veteran Fighter
Stay And Dance
The Measure
Great Hosannas
Burn and Shine
O My Chesapeake
Pair of Shadows
If Still It Can’t Be Found


The Great Despiser–2012

The_Great_Despiser_Cover_332Hymn #76
Those Thankless Years
The Great Despiser
A Gentle Few
Silver Harps and Violins
Stronger Than The World
One of Many
Neither Do I Need A Witness
Deep Dark Wells



How Good You Are
Not So Sure
The Sharpest Crown
The Door Was Always Open
The First Time I Saw You
Unsophisticated Heart
Disguised As Someone Else
Bury Me Far (From My Uniform)
Speak Plainly, Diana


In The Meantime 2009

In The Meantime Cover Art_332Dodging The Wind
In The Meantime
Lock The Door Christina
A Thousand Men
Black Eyed Susan


Nation of Heat EP–2009

Nation of Heat Cover_332Hymn #101
Call It What you Will
Nobody’s Man
Hymn #35
I Do My Father’s Drugs
Speak Plainly Diana
Nation of Heat