Tour Update–Supporting Brandon Flowers, Ben Howard, and Sturgill Simpson


Things are happening quickly as summer approaches, so we wanted to pass along an update on summer tour plans.  We’re excited to announce that Joe has been invited to support Brandon Flowers on some of his European dates next month! Then later in the summer he will be back in the UK for dates supporting Ben Howard and Sturgill Simpson.  Unfortunately all the changes necessitated postponing a few of our headline shows, including those in Germany, and a few of the UK dates.  The current schedule is below, along with a list of the dates that are being rescheduled.  We’ll have more detailed info on the makeup dates over the next few days, and other detailed info for anyone who has booked tickets to a show that has been postponed.


May 31 Berlin, Germany–Huxley’s #
June 1   Amsterdam, Netherlands–Paradiso #
June 2  Brussels, Belgium–Ancienne Belguique #
June 3  Cologne, Germany–E-Work #
June 5  Milan, Italy–Fabrique #
June 6 London, UK–Hoxton Bar
June 9  Borger, NL–Cultuurpodium Vanslag
June 10  Amsterdam, NL–Paradiso Upstairs
June 12  Richmond, VA–Friday Cheers at Brown’s Island
June 18  Dover, DE–Firefly Music Festival
July 12  Greenfield, MA–Green River Festival
July 17  Cornwall UK–Eden Sessions *
July 19  London, UK–Citadel Festival
July 24  Newport, RI–Newport Folk Festival
July 31  DesMoines, IA–Hinterland Music Festival
Aug 18  Edinburgh, UK–Liquid Room @
Aug 19  Leeds, UK–Brudenell Social Club @

# Supporting Brandon Flowers
*  Supporting Ben Howard
@ Supporting Sturgill Simpson


And here are the dates we are rescheduling:

May 31 Berlin, Germany–Monarch Club  (POSTPONED)
June 1  Hamburg, Germany–Prinzenbar  (POSTPONED)
June 2  Koln, Germany–Blue Shell  (POSTPONED)
June 3  London, UK–St. Pancras Old Church  (Rescheduled to 12 Nov, all tickets honored)
June 4  Manchester, UK–Gulliver’s  (POSTPONED)
June 5  Glasgow, UK–Broadcast  (POSTPONED)

Information about rescheduled dates, refunds, etc will follow shortly.


The Slacker’s Guide to “Windfall”

While we’re sure that everyone is just GLUED to their screens following our social media posts, we’ve been sharing songs from “Windfall” at a furious pace, so we’re going to assemble them here in one place for your listening convenience.  The album is out March 10th and if you want to get a couple of the songs early, you can preorder it via iTunes at and get two songs for immediate download.  For those of you in Australia and New Zealand the album will be released on April 3rd!

“If Still It Can’t Be Found” via Rolling Stone

“Bright Beginnings” via Consequence of Sound

“Stay and Dance” via Lightning Rod Records

“Burn and Shine” via The Bluegrass Situation

“The Measure” via Folk Alley


Joe Pug News–Winter Edition

Vinyl Package

Hi everyone-

It’s been a quiet autumn off the road for me and the gang, just setting the table to release our new album this winter. (Look for more news on that front in the next week or two) We’ll kick things off again in January when we support the entire US tour for the excellent Devil Makes Three. We’re thrilled for that run of shows and we have our fingers crossed that we don’t run into the same snow-pocalypse that we did this past winter on the road. Then later in the spring we’ll be back out for a full run of headline shows.

Also, the good folks over at OurVinyl captured a cool live version of the “Downbound Train” cover I contributed to “Dead Man’s Town: Tribute to Born in the USA”. You can check that out here.

I’ve missed playing shows and seeing all of you, thanks as always for your unwavering support. See you very soon.


Pug Recommends

Nirvana live in 1989: The electric guitar sounds like garbage, there’s an audience of about 20 people, the camera work is shoddy- and yet this is still one of the greatest concert films I’ve ever seen. Kurt Cobain’s voice is what pulled me into music in the first place and all of it’s reedy pathos is on display here. In this video we see the band- that’s Chad Channing on drums- playing behind it’s first album, Bleach. It’s an hour long set though, so a good chunk of the set is material from Nevermind (including a compelling, electric version of “Polly”). If you’re a Nirvana devotee like myself and you have yet to see this video, do not click on this link if you plan on accomplishing anything in the next hour.

“You’ve Got The Wrong Man” by Joe Fletcher: The new album by this Providence by way of Nashville singer-songwriter is instrumentally sparse compared to earlier records with his band The Wrong Reasons, but it is teeming lyrically. Joe has got a wry way of looking at the world that, by the end of this record, you can’t help but adopt as your own.

“The Islamic State” by VICE News: This documentary on ISIS or ISIL is absolutely engrossing. VICE News sends a few monumentally brave journalists into the heart of this extremist movement in Northern Syria. To watch the mechanics of religious law replacing secular law is chilling. For example, lieutenants driving around neighborhoods “suggesting” to a passerby that his wife should further cover herself. I don’t recommend this to further frighten you or to justify the military action we’re now engaged in, but I do think it’s an important portrait for American citizens to see.

The Big Ask

Vinyl Package

Happy to report that the new pressing of Nation of Heat on vinyl has arrived. To celebrate we’ve chopped 5 bucks off the vinyl package and the CD package as well. All of our vinyl also includes a copy of the CD, and both of these packages include instant downloads as well! Discounted prices good through 12/2/14.


Pike Street Fish Fry, Seattle WA: The guitar player in our band, Greg Tuohey, is a native of New Zealand- that stunning island paradise of oceanic vistas, legally recognized gay marriage, and the world’s best fish and chips. No matter where we are on tour- be it Manchester UK or Birmingham Alabama- if Greg sees a “chipper” he dutifully samples it’s fried gold to see how it stacks up to home. It never has… save once. When we first walked into this little hole in the wall in Seattle a few years ago, I expected Greg to end the meal with his usual stoic disappointment. Pike Street Fish Fry, though, met his rigorous standards and it has now become a regular pilgrimage for us when we’re in Seattle.

Winter Tour

For a full list of dates visit the tour page.

Newsletter–September Edition


Fall is rolling in and our new album is rolling forward.  We just received the album back from mastering last week and we’re close to confirming the details for the release this winter. Until then I’ll be playing a few shows across the country, including a birthday party for a musical hero, Billy Joe Shaver, at the Paramount in Austin and also Newport Folk Festival’s west coast edition, Way Over Yonder in Santa Monica.

In the meantime, scroll down for other more news from HQ, including a new edition of “Haunts” that ponders the notion of tacos in the state of Arizona.

Can’t wait for you to hear the new tunes, hope to see you out on the road soon.

Yours in music,

Deadman’s Town–A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

I’m extremely honored to have a song on this album, alongside a stellar group of artists including Jason Isbell, Blitzen Trapper and Low among many others.  It was released this week on Lightning Rod Records and you can and should check it out here.


When I first started playing gigs in Phoenix, it seemed just an endless hell-scape of Quiznos and Cold Stone Creameries.  I sometimes thought of it as a picture of every American city time-lapsed another 20 years.  But you don’t really know a place until you’ve got friends there.  At which point it becomes apparent that what you took to be a city’s essence is actually just a few square miles of cultural flotsam that the locals steer clear of.

Now many Phoenicians will tell you to get your Mexican food at a place called Filiberto’s.  Fuck that place.  If Hardee’s was a local taco chain, it would be Filiberto’s.  They deal in violent heartburn, indigestion, and shame.

Where you want to eat is America’s Taco Shop. Not named for it’s location but rather for it’s proprietress, America Corrales, this place was a regular haunt for some Phoenix Symphony musicians that I befriended many years ago.  They appear to be franchising now, so I can’t really speak to the quality of any far-flung outposts, but the original shops in Phoenix are uniformly great.  Their specialty is a tostada-like dish called a Vampiro. And they always have a selection of great Aguas Frescas to accompany them.

The Big Ask

You people clearly love your hats.  As we work on new merch items for the upcoming release, one thing that will definitely be keeping its esteemed place on the well-lit table at the back of the room are the logo hats.  They are without question the item we have the hardest time keeping in stock, so get while the getting is good and we’ll keep cranking them out.

The Thacker Chronicles

Last time I was through Nashville I got to chance to sit down for a lengthy interview with Eldon Thacker for his show The Thacker Chronicles.  You can check out the resulting video here.

Pug Recommends

“HEAL” by Strand of Oaks — In 2011 we crossed the country on a 10-week marathon tour with Strand of Oaks.  In fact, on our live album “Live at Lincoln Hall”, Tim plays one of his signature songs “Leave Ruin” in the encore.   It was, personally and artistically, a watershed experience for me.  I learned a lot from and became close friends with the group’s frontman and mastermind, Tim Showalter.  His new album is quite a departure from the ruminative, indie-folk that once distinguished his sound.  It’s a rush of emotive, guitar driven rock.  What remains the same though is Tim’s piercing and evocative songwriting.  Frankly, I’m proud to know the man.  Download this album now and catch him while he’s on tour this fall with his great new band.

Joe Pug News–Summer Edition

Hey there-

A few months ago in Lexington Kentucky, spring was springing and the Wildcats were dribbling their way to the National Championship. Locked inside of a windowless building on the city’s east side though, we were oblivious. Matt and Greg and I were sleeping, cooking, and- most importantly- recording an album at 945 National Avenue. It was much like a firehouse, except without the public service or redeemable social value of any kind.

We eschewed the business-hours recording schedule that we kept on previous albums and instead worked through the night. There was always a hunk of Kroger-purchased meat in the crock pot covered in onions. We played hundreds of takes, cultivated an unexpected affinity for Gerry Rafferty, and ate meals that substantially shortened our lives. When we finally walked out the front door and our Vitamin-D deprived skin soaked in the foreign rays of sunlight, we had in our hip pockets a new full-length album.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled for you to hear it. And that should certainly happen, barring a bizarre turn of events, in the very early part of next year.

Until then, here’s some news from HQ, along with some music suggestions and upcoming tour dates. Scroll down to read…

Yours in music,



Pug Recommends

“Boys Can Never Tell” by J Roddy Walston & The Business:  This is just an amazing song from the new album by these Baltimore road-warriors.  When I first heard it, I think I just listened to it on repeat about a dozen times.

“Writing Down The Bones” by Natalie Goldberg:  Normally I’d be reluctant to recommend an instructional book on writing.  The fact is, I don’t read them often and those that I have read tend to veer into self-help and amateur psychoanalysis.  This book though is regarded as a classic and I really enjoyed reading it.

“Dino” by Nick Tosches: You don’t have to know a thing about Dean Martin to appreciate this biography. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to WANT to know a thing about him to love this book. It traces the remarkable journey from his immigrant father’s barbershop in Steubenville, Ohio to his booze and Percodan-addled revues in a Las Vegas that was itself just being born. Martin’s take on show business was crass: he thought anyone looking for beauty in acting or art in song was a hopeless chump. Whereas Sinatra would smart for weeks over a lukewarm review, ol’ Dino would just laugh all the way to the bank. Tosches’ writing is vivid enough to make even Martin’s lawsuits (and there were scores) seem riveting.


If you’ve ever clicked on our website’s “Tour” page before, you know that we do quite a bit of traveling. Many of the towns on our itinerary we’ve been playing for years and as such we’ve collected a slew of restaurant and bar recommendations from locals. Going forward in our newsletters, I’ll let you in on some of our favorite haunts across the country.

The inaugural establishment I’d recommend is in Milwaukee called Glorioso’s. This place really brings out the garlic-inhaling, olive oil-guzzling Italian in me. After all, my given surname ends in a vowel. Founded by two brothers in 1946, this place has a whole rainforest of Italian meats and cheeses. Back at the deli they’ll make you a capricola sandwich to order. But the true gem is the octopus salad they sell by the pound. We always hit Glorioso’s when we’re in town playing Shank Hall or Linneman’s, and we often even get there before soundcheck. It’s that good.  Glorioso’s Offical Site

The Big Ask

We’re giving you a brief hiatus from asking you to buy anything, in anticipation of the merciless marketing onslaught we will unleash when the album is released. Enjoy this brief window of tranquility, and if you don’t already have it, grab the “In The Meantime EP for free here.


I’m honored to be a part of “Deadman’s Town: A Tribute to Born In the USA”, which will be released on September 16th. Click here to check out the track listing…there are some incredible artists involved.

The Milk Carton Kids were kind enough to invite me to be a part of their Newport Folk Festival aftershow. It was an incredible night all around, highlighted by a cover of Tom Petty’s “Time To Move On”. Someone captured a pretty good video of it… check it out here.

Texas legend Billy Joe Shaver has a new album and it’s great. Click here to check out his duet with Willie Nelson from the album.

Tour Dates

Check out the full list of dates on the Tour page.